The History of Vancouver Barn

vancouverVancouver    Barn is named after John Vancouver who bought Sutton farm from John Wright in 1799 for £4,475. He built Broxtead House,
altered boundaries, reclaimed many acres of heathland and planted trees extensively.  During restoration work at Broxtead House in 2001, a shutter panel was found with the words ‘J Vancouver Esq, Sutton Farm’ painted on the reverse side.

John saw the Broxtead Estate as an agricultural asset.  He worked swiftly on improvements, borrowing very heavily to do so.  This combined with the falling corn prices during the war with France meant large debts ensued and John Vancouver left Sutton in 1803 bound for Warwickshire and later the purchase of the Llangenech estate near Llanelli where he developed coal and copper mines and created a railway to a small port nearby whilst building a mansion between 1803 and 1805.